Top Rankin’ Reptiles

A month ago we saw the debut of Japanese game developer Rising Entertainment at Neon Jackpot with the release of its Rank Up Dragon into our menagerie of top-notch slots. Big in Japan, Rising Entertainment has traditionally offered its game’s in land-based casinos and clearly has learned what hits the spot with slot jockeys since Rank Up Dragon has quickly earned itself the status of ‘Hot Game’ with our online players.


What’s lit the fire under Rank Up Dragon? Having fifty paylines per spin? Including a Random Wilds feature? We can’t be one hundred per cent sure, since the magic of a specific game is often a cocktail of all its features, but we have become rather partial to its headline Rank Up feature. This is an extra special reel modifier feature activated in Rank Up Dragon’s free spins bonus that can really enrich that opportunity for big wins.

Enter this game’s free spins and you’ll find the main reels joined by an additional mini-reel. Its role is to awake the dragons that guard the main reels if it lands a red symbol after it spins. That then provokes those reptilian sentinels to breathe fire on the reels, ‘ranking up’ the lowest value symbol. That effectively transforms all instances of the relevant symbol to become the next highest-ranking symbol in the paytable. Follow that logic through and you’ll appreciate that not only does that create more ways to land a win with the new lowest ranking symbol, but also the more times you trigger the ‘Rank Up’ feature the more you’ll end up with the reels just stacked with only the best paying symbols! Just think about that for a moment . . . good innit?


Rank Up Dragon isn’t the first slot to include a reel feature that can beneficially subtract lower-ranking symbols from its reels – check out Red Tiger’s Tiki Fruits and Totem Lightning slots if you like this concept – but that doesn’t detract from its magic on these reels. Moreover it’s clearly adding some X factor to Rank Up Dragon to make its animated dragons’ breath not the only ‘hot’ thing about playing it.