The Return Of The King

Whilst we always strive to bring our players the latest thing in online slot ideas and reel wizardry – hence our previous excitement about games like Just For the Win’s Rainbrew and Foxium’s freaky Astro Legends – we do understand the love for game’s with a bit of history. For that reason we’re delighted to welcome an old favourite of seasoned slot jockeys to Neon Jackpot with a few subtle updates to modernise its royalty. All hail the return of the Reel King!


The original Reel King is a classic arcade slot that may well be very familiar to you if you’ve every played real-world slots in a European gaming venue. It was originally developed by the legendary Austrian slot builder Novomatic, and remains a staple of many land-based casinos and high-street gaming arcades. However, its latest legacy has been brought to us by Red Tiger (in collaboration with Novomatic’s UK subsidiary, Astra Gaming), and given a Mega makeover. The resulting Reel King Mega is clearly fit for a Reel King fan of yore, retaining the essential look, feel and thrills of the original game but with some extra oomph to help you chase down rewards that might meet a king’s ransom.


Simplicity was and still is the essence of Reel King, and that hasn’t been lost on Reel King Mega. It also satisfies the debate as to whether a ‘proper’ casino slot has five or three reels. Reel King Mega, like its forebear, brings both to its party to settle that one. Some players have pestered us in the past to invite the Reel King into Neon Jackpots republic of reels, and now we feel the time is right to roll our the red carpet for this monarch to make his Mega debut. We hope you enjoy your time in the court of this new member of the casino aristocracy!