Thanks for the Memory

Mentioned elsewhere in our News section, we’ve waxed lyrical about a trio of new releases we’ve enjoyed from Yggdrasil in the last month that feature ‘modes’ to reward long-term play. We always like to ponder possible future trends in slot features and we wonder if these Yggdrasil games are signalling a return to ‘Achievement Bonuses’. So what are these and why do we suggest it’s a return to the concept?


The fun of features that can be described as ‘Achievement Bonuses’ is that, as you play, you trigger events that unlock new levels, features or ‘modes’ that were previously unavailable to you. With the Yggdrasil games such as Seasons and Orient Express, you’ll find you take a literal journey that changes the visual theme of the game as you play, and with it revisions to the game rules to introduce reel modifiers and other bonus features unique to that ‘mode’ in the game.

It’s a great way to provide a new dynamic into your slot experience, changing the look and feel a single game can offer as you spend more time with it. Better yet, these types of slot game also include a memory of your playing journey. Your achievements are logged and stored between sessions on the game, so you can resume play as if there was never an interruption – your achievements are not lost when you log out after a session.


There was a flurry of interest in slots with achievement bonus features a few years ago. With Microgaming’s Immortal Romance and Thunderstruck II being examples that have maintained huge popularity with Neon Jackpot players ever since their launch. With Yggdrasil’s latest slots we’re delighted to see the idea possibly back in fashion. Will that trend last? Who can say for sure, but if you like games that reward loyalty with new ways to win then take time to check out our slots that achieve that mission!