Start The Week With a Wolf

Monday has an unenviable reputation for being a bit ‘Blue’ hasn’t it? This much-maligned weekday so often signals the end of the weekend, and a return to the routines that we’d all rather avoid if we had the choice. Even in the happy-go-lucky environment of Neon Jackpot Towers we can feel the Monday malaise, especially in the Winter months, and so we though we’d have a little grub around in our box of bonus treats to see if we can make Monday just that little bit better for our loyal players.


This Monday (the 19th November), if you’re minded to make a deposit into your player account, we’ve got a bundle of Bonus Spins to throw in as a little ‘thank you’ from us. Pragmatic Play’s Wolf Gold slot has proven a bit of a popular beast with our big game hunters, lodging comfortably in our Player Favourites list since its debut back in August, so we thought we’d make it the prey in this promo. Simply choose to deposit twenty pounds or more in your account on the 19th, and we’ll load a bundle of Bonus Spins into Wolf Gold for your extra pleasure. Deposit between £20 and £39 and the bundle is a feast of forty spins, whereas if you can park £40 we’ll happily ramp that up to a very healthy hundred.


Tucking into Wolf Gold is the main course of this offer, but we’ve also added a little sweet treat to tempt you further. We’re big fans of Just For the Wins fabulous Rainbrew and we want to share the love so have five Bonus Spins on that too. See? Even though it’s a Monday, we’re in a good mood. More details of the offer can be found here, and if you’ve time to come out and play with us next Monday please feel free to pick up these Bonus Spins if you can.