Solving A Mystery

One of the key elements that draw players to the wonderful online slots we have at Neon Jackpot Casino is the suspense the gameplay offers. Between making your stake and the reels stopping there’s the will-they-won’t-they tension of whether one of the game’s winning events will come your way. This thrill is inherent in the very DNA of reel-based slot games, traceable back to the very first example of the genre – The Liberty Bell game – in 1895! Since that time ingenious slot designers have added features to heighten the core buzz the Liberty Bell mined. Wild symbols, Bonus Scatters and Free Spins have all become mainstream ingredients of players’ favourite slots, but a less common feature is the Mystery Symbol. So what is it, and what extra magic can it bring?


The essence of any Mystery Symbol is that its value to you as a player is a ‘mystery’ only revealed when all reels are stopped after a spin. Similar to a traditional Wild symbol, the Mystery is a skilled impersonator, capable of taking on the identity of all, or a selection of, the game’s other symbols. All instances of a Mystery Symbol in view will reveal the same paying symbol, but unlike a Wild that identity is chosen at random and is not influenced by the probability of that choice assisting a win. It is also usual for Mystery Symbols to appear in multiple positions to further tease an unexpected win being ultimately revealed.


To truly discover the excitement Mystery Symbols can bring to a slot game that features them, it’s best to try out such a game for yourself. Naturally we’ve got plenty of choice, but a Player Favourite that’s a good introduction is Red Tiger’s Mystery Reels. Other popular games that showcase the power of these special symbols are Stormcraft’s Fortunium and (if you’re a fan of Ways to Win slots) Big Time Gaming’s Donuts. Mystery symbols are truly masters of disguise, bringing plenty of extra suspense to the experience of chasing down your next big win.