Responsible Reminder

You may already have been wise to it, but last week was Responsible Gambling Week in the UK. This industry initiative was to raise awareness and encourage consumers to enjoy gaming entertainment, such as that we offer at Neon Jackpot Casino, responsibly. We fully endorse that position, and so thought we’d follow up with links to previous articles we’ve posted to help reinforce good habits and help you find the right support if self-control becomes an issue.


We believe a good basic starting point for enjoying our gaming entertainment, whether it’s our Live Roulette, Blackjack, Instant Wins or online slots, is the principle of good money management. It’s a simple strategy to understand, and for many players is the perfect way to keep control of their budget and enjoy every session with us irrespective of whether it yields that player a real-money profit or not. However, we fully understand that some players can get into difficulties with self-control and so we also offer facilities to assist with situations when applying some constraint over your use of our service is desirable.

Actually recognising you may have a problem is the third crucial consideration when it comes to responsible gambling. Even if your immediate instinct is that you’re not in ‘the danger zone’ we thoroughly recommend that you read our article on Staying In Control. It includes a handy resume of signs to watch for, and could help you head off a problem before it causes profound issues that could have been avoided.


Responsible gambling is, quite simply, the only way to play in our book. We are in the business of entertainment, and we want all our players to enjoy the games we offer. If you have the slightest doubt that you’re not enjoying a session, then always stop. And never hesitate to ask us for help if you think you need it.