Pick Of The Pops

Amongst our new releases last week, we were delighted to install a classic Vegas slot that’s earned its spurs in the real world of land-based casinos. That game is IGT’s Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 and part of its charm is a very fine ‘pick bonus game’ Now, long-time slot players will be very familiar with the concept of a pick bonus, but if you’re new to slot gaming it might be a term-of-art that’s got you a bit baffled. If so, then let us elaborate . . .

Pick Our Brains

The pick bonus has become a very familiar feature that game developers add in to their online slots, ranking only second to free spins as something players are most likely to see as the reward to be earned from a Bonus Scatter symbol.

The essence of such a feature game is to be transported away from the reels to a ‘second screen’, usually making good use of the game’s overarching theme, where several visual objects are hiding prizes. The player is then awarded a number of ‘picks’, letting them use their luck and judgement to select which of the objects they fancy hide the biggest wins. The hidden prizes usually cover two categories; either a ‘coin win’ that awards a fixed value of coins (the coin value being related to the stake you had in play when the pick bonus feature triggered), or a multiplier win that’s applied to accumulated coin wins in the feature or the triggering stake.

The World Is Your Lobster!

Our full review of Lobstermania 2 goes into more detail of the delights of this particular slot’s multiverse of pick bonus treats, but suffice to say that it’s a fantastic example of this genre of bonus feature. If you’re in the process of getting into online slots and love the buzz of making extra choices in your quest for big wins (beyond the core decision of what you want to stake on a spin), then seeking out games with a pick bonus is definitely worth exploring on your next session with Neon Jackpot.