It’s Carnival Week

Are you looking to put a little put of extra spice in your casino life at Neon Jackpot this week? Then one of our favourite slot developers, Yggdrasil, has an invitation to its February Carnival if you’re game. Opt in to this special promotion this week, and success in any of its trio of ‘missions’ could see you bagging a share of its £60,000 prize pool. You might even find yourself winging your way to Rio for a luxury trip with our favourite travel partner!


Yggdrasil has put together three Carnivals for your pleasure this week. The Lantern Carnival, the Venice Carnival and the Rio Carnival. What exactly are these ‘Carnivals’? Well, they’re all slot tournaments in which a specific mission is set to challenge and rank all the participating players. All feature two or three target slots, both deeply desirable games from Yggdrasil’s tasty wares, and a ‘mission’ to achieve from playing those games.

For example get involved with the Rio Carnival competition over the coming weekend and your mission is this. Collect thirty free spin symbols whilst playing Vikings Go Wild, collect one hundred free spins symbols from Vikings Go To Hell and collect three feature icons on Spina Colada. The fewer spins you need to complete the specified mission, the higher you’ll rank on that Carnival’s leaderboard. Finish in any of the leaderboard positions and you’ll be pocketing a share of that Carnival’s prize pool, with some serious money on the table for top ranking players, and a trip to Rio worth ten grand as the headline non-cash prize!


Players who already like to party with our Yggdrasil slots will probably need no second invitation to opt in for this promotion. But if you’ve yet to sample this developer’s games this could be the week to give them a whirl for some extra ways to win big with the Carnival atmosphere. Full details can be found, as usual, on our Promotions Page, and we wish you the best of luck if you’re up for the challenge of these tournaments’ missions.