Hump Day Spooky Spins

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that today is Halloween. Whether you’ve spotted all the seasonal tat being peddled on the high street, recently hollowed out a pumpkin or your kids have started to go a bit nuts at the thought of chiselling sweets out of the local neighbourhood under the guise of ‘trick or treating’ it’s definitely ‘that time of year again’. But whilst kids have a bit of a blast on this day, what about the adults eh? Surely you deserve a little treat? Course you do. Which is why we’ve got a little Spooky Spins bonus for you.


We’ve added a few seasonal slots to celebrate Halloween here at Neon Jackpot, but we thought we’d add a little extra to the season’s festivities with a bundle of fifty free spins for those of you bewitched by October 31st. The deal is this. Check your email for news of this promotion, then if you make a deposit of a minimum of ten quid today we’ll add those promised fifty spins to your account. These are all dedicated to Red Tiger’s rather funky Halloween Jack slot, so you can get to enjoy this fine new release completely on the house. Better yet, any wins from those Bonus Spins rack up as Bonus Money you can freely spend on a vast selection of other Neon Jackpot goodies if you wish.


For the full skinny on this offer check out the details on our promotions page, and if you’d like to read more about Halloween Jack our review can be found here. Whether you’re bang up for Halloween or find the whole thing a load of old nonsense, fifty bonus spins on a brand new Red Tiger slot should make any Neon Jackpot players’ Wednesday just that bit better dontcha think?