Enter the Vortex

Yggdrasil, aside from having one of the most unpronounceable names of any slot developer we’ve come across (we’ve yet to think of something that we can rhyme with it), is undoubtedly an adventurous outfit who isn’t afraid of making slots that do things differently. Glorious attention to detail in its sound and graphics are just the icing on the Yggdrasil cake – we don’t know what it feeds its game designers but they’re definitely on some good stuff when it comes to thinking up unusual ways to win from spins. Why the love in for Yggdrasil this week? Well, we’ve got sucked into its Dark Vortex!


Now Ways to Win slots are nothing new to Neon Jackpot. We’ve got load of the beauties, with Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza being an outstanding example that our players flock to week in week out. But Yggdrasil has come up with its own unique way of growing the standard 243 Ways to Win of Dark Vortex’s five reels up to 3,125 Ways to Win during play. It calls its mechanism Vortex Reels and we’ve become really rather partial to these portals into bigger wins. Our full review covers this in more depth, but suffice to say that it’s an idea we think as potentially exciting for players who love innovation as BTG’s Megaways and Just For The Win’s Horizontal Reels concepts.


We like to keep our players well served with new slots every week, and try to show no favouritism. We know Neon Jackpot is a broad church of players with myriad tastes, so we like to offer slots that cater to that wide range of preferences. However, occasionally something new catches our eye in a way that we personally can’t resist . . . Dark Vortex is one such game. If you like to experiment with unknown forces, then why not join us on a journey into the Dark Vortex this week?