Divide and Conquer

We’re always aiming to give our players the double advantage of oodles of top-notch online casino games to choose from combined with excellent value for money. The latter can often come from our regular bonus promotions to add Bonus Money and free spins to our loyal players’ accounts, but if you need a top tip to play in pursuit of eking out your gaming entertainment budget we’re happy to oblige. Love to play a little (or a lot) of Roulette with us? Then, if you don’t already know about the advantages of the La Partage rule, it’s time to get wise to this lesser-known wagering advantage.


La Partage translates to ‘the divide’ in French and is a less common rule found only on ‘French Roulette’ tables. Its effect is only applicable to the even money outside bets in the game, so that’s the Colour Bets, Odd / Even and 1-18 / 19-36 options to avoid any doubt. Here’s the thing – with the La Partage rule, you’ll find that in the event that the result is ‘Zero’ all even money bets return half their stake. This might not seem significant at first, but the mathematical advantage of this is definitely worth paying attention to. European Roulette already has a very attractive RTP (Return to Player) figure of 97.30%, but if you stick to even money bets on a table offering the La Partage Rule and that RTP figure increases to 98.65%. That’s not to be sniffed at, and gets you close to the kind of winning potential good Blackjack players enjoy without requiring any knowledge of strategy to achieve it. Not quite ‘easy money’, but certainly an advantage to take note of.


To make the French connection at Neon Jackpot, and get the La Partage advantage, we’re delighted to offer two fantastic options in our Evolution-powered Live Casino. The ultimate table is the French Roulette Gold option, but if you need to play on a more restricted budget check out our Auto-Roulette La Partage option. Frankly, if you always favour even money bets when you play Roulette with us, you’d be mad not to make a bee line to these live casino beauties.