Bang In For A Monkey This June

Bet that headline caught your attention eh? What could it all mean? Is it a covert invitation to indulge in some inter-species love with a distant related primate cousin? Are we seriously that weird?! No, of course not. True, we might have some unusual people working for us, but that’s because we’re an inclusive kind of establishment who welcome diversity. However, when it comes to getting your hands on a ‘monkey’ this month it’s all to do with a chance to win up to £500* this month in our Big Bang promotion.


This tasty promotion is what we like to call a Cash Drop, and its rules are simple. Opt in (via our email invitation or Promotions Page) and by virtue of depositing a minimum of £20 into your player account then enjoying £20 or more of wagering on our slots during any of the promotional periods you’ll be in with a chance to win some extra cash. All eligible account holders will be entered into our draw, and those drawn from our magnificent promotional hat (for June we’re using an extremely capacious Mexican Sombrero) will get a free splash of our cash between £2 and £500. What’s not to like about that?


So what dates should you be keeping an eye on this month? Well jot down the following; 10th-11th, 17th-18th and 24th-25th of June. Basically every Monday and Tuesday until July, so if you need a little boost to start the week this could be a nice opportunity to hook in some surprise spondulicks from your future Neon Jackpot sessions. And if our earlier talk of getting your hands on a monkey this month has piqued your desire for some simian entertainment this month, then have a bang on this Player Favourite for starters.

* If you’re still puzzled by this, a ‘Monkey’ is British slang for £500. So now you know.