An Even Disposition

Blackjack remains one of the unequivocally evergreen casino games for players. Not only at Neon Jackpot but also at rival casinos online and in famous real-world gaming resorts like Las Vegas.

We offer a lot of Blackjack variants to suit different player tastes, and have covered many of the basic rules, and strategies for optimal play in previous articles. However we received an enquiry about Blackjack with the ‘Even Money’ rule, which prompted us to pick up on this less-well-known option that might be of interest to our players exploring the full Blackjack landscape.


Many of our Blackjack tables, whether in our Casino Games or Liver Dealer sections offer the Insurance bet for situations when the Dealer’s up card is an Ace. However, the Even Money gamble is less common, but is available on our NetEnt-powered Blackjack Classic tables.

The rule of Even Money is a special extension of the common Insurance rule, and applies solely to the scenario when the Dealer’s upcard of Ace is challenging a player’s hand of Blackjack. Rather than the player having the option to make a further stake, as with the Insurance bet, the Dealer offers the player a guaranteed win paid at Even Money (i.e. 1 to 1) rather than the advertised pay for Blackjack, typically 3 to 2. Why might you accept that offer?

Well, a Dealer Blackjack would tie with the player and thus signal a push bet, meaning the player’s stake would be returned, but no win. Therefore the Even Money bet is a chance to avoid a push, and get a win albeit at Even Money rather than 3 to 2.


Like all Blackjack’s options during a game, there’s skill to be used when judging to use the Even Money bet if it’s offered at your table. Strategy is part of the thrill of this famous game, and a wise understanding of the Even Money bet will help you wring the very best opportunities out of any session on a table that offers this option.