A Taste Of Reel Power

We always like to alert out players to new developments in slot gaming, and this week we found a game amongst our new releases that warrants such a mention in these dispatches. It’s come from the fertile imagination of Red Tiger and has debuted on a new version of that developer’s rather popular Dragon’s Luck game. That original version has robustly held a spot in our Player Favourites category since its launch at Neon Jackpot back in February, but now it’s joined by a new incarnation blessed with mighty Power Reels!


So what’s the excitement with Power Reels? Well, you can’t help notice that these are big old beasts compared to your average online slot. The traditional ‘formula’ for the majority of online slot reel arrays is a 5×3 arrangement – that’s five reels, with each displaying three symbols when stopped. Power Reels doubles that to a 10×6 array. That’s certainly imposing to look at, but does it make them twice as nice? That’s hard to quantify, however it does create some exciting new potential when it comes to possible wins on this slot’s thirty paylines. For starters, symbols can now offer pays for more than five-of-a-kind results, maxing out at ten-of-a-kind events. That creates seven ways a symbol can build a payline win rather than the more traditional three ways. But that’s not the end of the Power Reels appeal either . . .


Dragon’s Luck Power Reels also invokes an All Ways win rule, that frees up payline wins to start anywhere on a payline. Not only does that create more chances for wins to land, but with Power Reels creates the unusual prospect of getting more than one symbol win on an individual payline. For instance a 7x Symbol A and 3x Symbol B win. Or how about a 3x Symbol A, 3x Symbol B and 4x Symbol C win on the same payline? All these are now possible and create a rich new opportunity to harvest big wins from single spins of these powerful reels! Only time will tell if Dragon’s Luck Power Reels will match the popularity of its five-reel sibling but, if it does, we can confidently predict seeing more Power Reels slots coming our way in the future.