A Live Debate

Last week we mentioned the new Live Dealer games that had arrived at Neon Jackpot casino, courtesy of one of our favourite game studios, NetEnt. Interestingly it prompted a question from a new player to our team asking our opinion on whether we’d recommend they play our Live Dealer games over the ones in our ‘Casino’ section.

These latter options are often referred to as RNG games, since they are entirely digital games that use a Random Number Generator to deal their virtual cards, or determine where an animated ball lands in Roulette games. We’ll stick to that label from hereon to differentiate those games from the versions where real human dealers interact with physical cards and Roulette wheels.


Returning to our player’s question, we offer the following thoughts. If you’re very new to casino table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat, RNG versions of these can be an easier place to learn the ropes. You explicitly control the pace of play, and usually play ‘solo’ allowing you to take your time to get to grips with the rules and how you interact with the game during the course of play.

This is particularly useful with a game like Blackjack where strategic decisions can really improve your chances of winning, so not feeling pressured to complete your hand because other players want their go can be very welcome. Equally you may be experienced in table gaming, but prefer RNG games precisely because you’re absolutely focussed on playing the game itself and can whip through at a brisk pace unfettered by other players’ needs.


The appeal of our Live Casino games really lies in achieving the kind of thrill that’s associated with playing these games in a real-world club. With real, professional dealers hosting the games and social interaction with them and other players afforded by real-time chat facilities embedded in the user console you get the more authentic buzz of traditional casino entertainment. That can be like catnip to many players, but isn’t for everyone. The joy at Neon Jackpot is that you can play your way, trying free demo versions of our RNG games or spectating in the Live Casino to explore, without risk, which style suits your needs. Be our guest and enjoy what’s best for you.