A Bit On The Side

Elsewhere in this week’s news we’ve been waxing lyrical about a new release from NetEnt that includes a ‘side bet’ feature. We note in that dispatch that side bets are unusual in the context of slot gaming. It raised the thought that it might be worth a quick piece on the concept of side bets and why you might want to play them.

Bringing Side Bets To The Table

The idea of the side bet is something more commonly associated with table games in the real-world and online casino environment. In particular it’s more often something you’ll find offered on Blackjack tables, since in the traditional game of Blackjack there’s only one betting opportunity – you’re simply betting to beat the Dealer’s hand in each game. All Blackjack games require that bet, but with side bets players have an opportunity to add a little extra action to each game.

Side bets are always optional, and in Blackjack work as fixed odds bets that don’t rely on any of the strategic play that’s a hallmark of the main game. Very often a side bet is won or lost on the initial deal, and popular options are the Perfect Pairs, 21+3 or Hi Lo side bets all of which you’ll find amongst the superb RNG and Live Dealer Blackjack tables we offer at Neon Jackpot casino.

Why Add Some Sides To The Main Course

The appeal of side bets in the context of Blackjack is that they often are a source of much bigger single event wins than are possible in the main game. Remember that in Blackjack the biggest win you can earn is traditionally paid at 3/2 (which is 1.5x your stake), so having the potential to land a coincident win paid at 100-1 from that same hand as is possible with the 21+3 side bet is an attractive proposition for many players! Although finding side bets beyond Blackjack tables is unusual, do keep an eye out for them since if you like the option of a little more action every time you play they can add a gaming garnish you might well find rather rewarding.